• February 2020: Radar monitoring of Weisshorn glacier in Randa/VS: Schweiz Aktuell

2018 / 2019

  • April 2019: Glacial lakes Plaine Morte: Additional construction and monitoring measures required: 20 Minuten
  • March 2019: Alarm on the mountain: In-depth article on the Randa glacier monitoring station, technologies applied and the work of Geoprevent in general: Bild der Wissenschaft 
  • February 2019: Avalanche radar Belalp with Peter Schwitter, Head Regional Safety Service Aletsch: Canal9/Kanal9
  • February 2018: Avalanches – guilt or fate. Documentary on the avalanche winter 1999 and what has happened since in avalanche protection. Our avalanche radar is described as the latest cry. From minute 47 onwards: SRF DOK
  • January 2018: White danger in the mountains, e.g. with the avalanche radar on the Belalp: Aargauer Zeitung
  • November 2018: Landslide Brienz/Brinzauls in Switzerland. Our alarm system with rockfall radar is mentioned at the end of thew article: Tagesanzeiger 
  • November 2018: Geoprevent at ISSW2018 in Innsbruck – Practice meets Theory: Seilbahnen International
  • October 2018: Rockfall danger at Ochsenstock (GL), Switzerland. Radar monitoring and camera system are from Geoprevent: NZZ, SRF News, Tagesanzeiger
  • August 2018: Rock avalanche in Bondo – How dangerous are the Alps? Presentation of our monitoring system at Piz Cengalo: SRF Einstein
  • August 2018: Bondo – one year after the fatal rock avalanche: SRF News, der Bund
  • July 2018: Glacial lake on Plaine Morte runs out  – Floods in village of Lenk: 20 Minuten, SRF TagesschauRadio SRF
  • April 2018: Gian Darms joins Geoprevent after 7 years at SLF (Swiss Snow and Avalanche Institute): RTR
  • January 2018: Again very high avalanche danger in Zermatt (more videos of avalanche radar system): 20 Minuten
  • January 2018: Many large avalanches in Zermatt (videos captured by our avalanche radar system): SRF TagesschauWalliser Bote, 20 Minuten

2016 / 2017


2012 to 2015

  • Nov 19, 2014: Killer Landslides by NOVA. See it on youtube, our part starts here.
  • 6. August 2013: One of the glacial lakes on Plaine Morte has drained: Tages-Anzeiger
  • 1. Juli 2012: Gurtnellen und das Georadar in der SonntagsZeitung [pdf] (Our work with the georadar in Gurtnellen)
  • 30. Juni 2012: Gurtnellen und das Georadar in der Neuen Züricher Zeitung [pdf] (More on the work with the georadar at the Gurtnellen rock fall site)
  • 16. Mai 2012: Schweiz Aktuell des Schweizer Fernsehens in Preonzo [mp4] (TV report on the rock fall in Preonzo and our work with the interferometric radar)
  • 15. Mai 2012: 10vor10 des Schweizer Fernsehens zu Besuch bei Geopraevent (zum Thema Georadar in Preonzo) [mp4] (The Swiss national television paid us a visit)
  • 14. Mai 2012: TagesAnzeiger-Interview mit Geopraevent-Geschäftsführer Lorenz Meier zum Bergsturz in Preonzo [pdf] (Interview with Lorenz Meier)
  • 23. Februar 2012: Die Infraschall-Lawinendetektion in Einstein des Schweizer Fernsehens [mp4] (Detecting avalanches with infra sound – a short documentary)

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