Monitoring at 4133 m a.s.l.

Our highest station monitors the Weisshorn hanging glacier with a deformation camera and detects instabilities at an early stage.

Automatic road closures in real-time

Radar systems monitor several mi² for avalanches, debris flows or rockfall and automatically close traffic routes within seconds.

Radar system monitors Pizzo Cengalo, Bondo

Geopraevent installed a radar system above Bondo. The radar detects millimeter-movements and warns early.

Monitoring of dangerous glaciers

Bis glacier: Combined system of two deformation cameras and an avalanche radar with a record range of 5 km.

High resolution cameras

Live and past images with a resolution of up to 40 megapixel for automatic deformation analysis.
Get insights of the
 hazard zone via the online portal.

Avalanche radar Zermatt

The avalanche radar system in Zermatt reliably detects avalanches and automatically closes the access road.

Online data portal

Our online data portal shows live data and past events.

Motion sensors

Lower maintenance costs for rockfall protection barriers as well as increased safety due to alarm functionalities.

Rockfall radar

More than 1 km range and a coverage of 1 km². All-weather suitability.


The interferometric radar detects smallest movements and acts as early warning system for rock instabilities and permafrost.

Cleft measurements

Extensometers and telejointmeters measure clefts with submillimeter precision. Easy and fast installation.

Level measurements

Radars, laser measurements and pressure probes provide useful data about the flow.

People radar

The radar detects people in the hazard zone. In all weather conditions and during day and night. Alerts are triggered automatically.

Innovative Technology

We use cutting-edge technology only to develop our alarm and monitoring systems.

Alpine Installation

All our staff are experienced mountaineers and are trained to work with ropes and helicopters.

Alarm and Monitoring

Our servers monitor the stations and show live data. We alert reliably by priority SMS, email or phone calls. Roads are closed automatically.

Customer projects


active alarm and monitoring systems



Geoprevent in Brazil

In cooperation with Geobrugg, our CEO Lorenz Meier and Head of Customer Solutions Gian Darms visited Brazil last week. They gave presentations on automated natural hazard monitoring systems for several mining companies in the Minera Gerais region. The Swiss delegation...

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Alarm on the mountain – article in science magazine

The German science magazine Bild der Wissenschaft has published a comprehensive article on our monitoring system of Bis glacier at the Swiss village Randa. The article also describes the technologies applied to monitor the glacier and to detect ice and snow avalanches...

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What do our customers say?

“The avalanche and people radar installed on Belalp in December 2018 convinced us very quickly and made our work much easier. The real-time information and images provide us with the data and information we need before, during and after an avalanche blast, which helps us make the right decisions”.

Testimonial Geopraevent 1
Peter Schwitter
Head of Regional Avalanche Safety Service
Aletsch Area

“The system works very well! It supports us in monitoring the road Taesch-Zermatt. Every single avalanche movement in the area is shown which let’s us assess the situation a lot better.”

Testimonial Geopraevent 1
Bruno Jelk
Chief Observation Officer Winter
Regional Safety Service Mattertal

“The system is very user friendly. It is a perfect tool to increase the road safety as well as to analyse and document events easily.”

Testimonial Geopraevent 2
Ricarda Bender-Gàl
Hydraulic Engineer
Civil Engineering Office Canton Bern

“I am totally excited about the system. The avalanche radar is always running, even after an avalanche. In the past, it always took a while to replace trigger lines.”

Bernhard Arnold
Head of Safety Department
Municipality Zermatt

“The monitoring system works very well. The interferometric radar predicted several glacier detachments a couple of days in advance. Thanks to the avalanche radar we are able to keep running our train operations as the radar would stop our trains in a save place in case of a larger detachment.”

Jürg Lauper
Head of Infrastructure
Jungfraubahnen AG