ROCYX® Rockfall radar

Where rockfall and landslides threaten transportation routes, populated or tourist areas, radar based alarm or warning systems can complement or even replace structural protection measures – at much lower costs and impact on scenery and environment. Additionally, electronic systems are easy to install and offer flexible solutions that can be repeatedly adapted to the problem.
  • more than 1 km range and a coverage of 1 km²
  • all-weather suitability (works in rain, fog, snowfall)
  • works day and night
  • quick installation (few hours)
  • cost-effective compared to construction measures
  • easy data control through the Geopraevent online data portal
  • integration with smartphone and tablet
  • easy to combine with other technologies and alarm-functions
  • combination of multiple radars for larger coverage possible
Our rockfall radar can detect even small rockfall events in all-weather conditions and darkness and reliably trigger an alarm within seconds. Transportation routes or threatened areas can be automatically closed off in case of rockfall, allowing people in the hazard zone to move to a safe place and prevent others from entering the zone. Reference project: Rockfall Radar Brienz with automatic road closure and reopening
  • range: > 1 km
  • coverage: 1 km²
  • opening angle horizontally: 90°
  • opening angle vertical: 10°
  • weight: 2.3 kg
  • dimensions: 25 x 40 x 7 cm
  • power consumption: < 30 W
  • power supply: grid power, solar panel, fuel cell
  • software: Geopraevent rockfall detection algorithm
We often combine some of the following technologies with our rockfall radar:

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