One picture is worth ten thousand words. A single glance into a hazard zone can supply crucial information to decision makers and experts. Further, high definition images provided with novel cameras, allow for automatic deformation analysis of the monitored area. Geopraevent installs and operates webcams in high-mountain environments and uses GPRS-, radio- or tethered data transmissions to our data portal in order to let you access your data at all times.

  • View into the hazard zone at any time of day
  • On demand real-time images
  • High-definition pictures of up to 40 megapixels
  • Automatic deformation analysis over defined period of time
  • Autonomous image selection by system
  • Access to image archive through the online data portal
  • Data transmission to Geopraevent servers by radio, GPRS, or cable connection
  • Standalone power supply
  • Robust construction to withstand harsh alpine environments
  • User-friendly online functionalities like charts with integrated image view

In critical situations, a good view of a hazard area can be crucial. Webcams are useful in a wide variety of applications, such as a stand-alone tool for a monitoring system (e.g. deformation analysis) or as extension to an alarm or warning systems. We employ high resolution cameras that offer up to 40 megapixels allowing to identify even small details within the monitored area. Selection and analysis of the qualified images is carried out automatically and over a defined period of time.

Some examples of projects that use webcams are:

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