Reliable alerting

Identifying potential dangers is one thing – but during events, a reliable alarm transmission is crucial. An alarm system only fulfills its purpose if the coupled alarm technologies are activated automatically and in real time after a natural hazard event such as a rockfall or an avalanche.Our systems are based on two principal approaches:

Local Warning

Wherever transportation routes (such as roads or railway lines) and human beings are threatened by natural hazards, the time available for evacuations or the application of protective measures is usually short. That’s why we always use alerting systems that function completely independent of our data servers. Sometimes tethered alarm transmissions are possible, in other situations wireless radio transmissions have to be used, but they are completely autonomic in all cases.

Alerting the authorities

Notifying local authorities is usually a high priority. Decisions have to be made, protective measures need to be initiated in order to keep further damage to a minimum. In cooperation with the Swiss mobile network provider Swisscom, we offer automatic issuing of prioritized alarm SMS where coverage is available. Alarm recipients need to confirm the incoming warning, otherwise the alarm is automatically distributed on other channels (e.g. a phone call, pager, PolyCom, community alarm sirens). Additionally, you can immediately initiate a telephone conference with all the involved authorities and decision makers. Direct forwarding of the alarm to blue-light organizations (e.g. police or fire department) or to an emergency call center is also possible and is done via system integration of companies specialized in alarm transmission (e.g. TUS or Certas). 

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