PERYX® People radar

Our radar system lets us detect people, vehicles, drones or helicopters at night and regardless of the weather. Moving objects reflect the radar waves and our algorithms can detect, where the moving objects are. Within a range of more than 1000 m.
  • more than 1 km range and a coverage of 1 km²
  • all-weather suitability (works in rain, fog, snowfall)
  • works day and night
  • calculates position, speed, direction and size of moving object
  • Live and archive-visualization in our data portal on an interactive map (for smart phone and tablet)
  • define virtual zones/boundaries and corresponding alarm rules
  • quick installation (few hours)
  • cost-effective compared to construction measures
  • easy to combine with other technologies and alarm-functions
  • combination of multiple radars for larger coverage possible
Radar detection systems can be used in a variety of situations. Where avalanches are triggered artificially, the radar can be used to monitor the hazard zone and detect people or vehicles regardless of daylight or weather. This technology can make sure that no-one is harmed by an artificially triggered avalanche.

Radar based people detection can also be used to monitor large areas to prevent people from trespassing into hazard or security zones, building virtual boundaries and zones with corresponding alarm rules. This is more cost-effective and flexible than building physical fences or installing a large number of cameras or light barriers. Airports and harbors are among many places that rely on radar detection technology.

Some of our customer projects that use radar based people detection:

  • range: > 1 km
  • coverage: 1 km²
  • opening angle horizontally: 90°
  • opening angle vertical: 10°
  • weight: 2.3 kg
  • dimensions: 25 x 40 x 7 cm
  • power consumption: < 30 W
  • power supply: grid power, solar panel, fuel cell

A radar module with smaller coverage and range is also available.

We often combine some of the following technologies with our radar based people detection:

Radars and cameras are ideally combined, making use of each system’s advantages: the radar can detect moving objects and direct the camerat to the identified location in order to record images or video.

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