Avalanche radar system installed at Bear Pass, Canada

Nov 14, 2019Eis und Schnee, Neuigkeiten

Our crew successfully completed installing the avalanche radar system at Bear Pass, Canada, for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI). Despite challenging weather conditions, the installation team was able to setup and take into operation the four stations to increase winter safety on avalanche-prone Highway 37A in northwest British Columbia. The comprehensive system consists of two autonomous detection stations with an avalanche radar (Little Bears site and George Copper site), a repeater station for data and alarm transmission and a receiver station in the coastal town of Stewart.

The installation crew worked despite continuous rain and snow: This shows mounting of the solar panels and radar on the 6 m high poles at the George Copper site. Four large solar panels and a fuel cell power the system in a sophisticated interaction. The system is designed to run through an entire winter – even under meters of snow. The station communicates with the centre in Stewart via the repeater station at Mt. Johnson.

For this installation, we worked with our local partner, AXIS Mountain Technical.