Technology guide: Monitoring of natural hazards

Aug 17, 2020Medien, Neuigkeiten, News

The GEOPREVENT technology guide is available online now. The guide includes more than 40 pages and illustrates the setup of a monitoring system. It explains the state-of-the-art technology applied for warning and alarm systems and contains the following topics;

Introduction to monitoring systems

  • Warning and alarm systems
  • Operation modes
  • Monitoring system setup
  • System components

Detecting natural hazards 

  • Avalanches
  • Rock instabilities and rockfall
  • Debris flows
  • Slope failures


  • Radar: interferometric radar, avalanche radar, rockfall radar, people radar. radar gauge
  • Lidar: terrestrial laser scanner
  • Optical: deformation camera
  • More: crack meters, geophones and seismometers, trigger line, GNSS, combi motion sensor

The technology guide (full version) is available for download here.