Geoprevent in Brazil

May 28, 2019News

In cooperation with Geobrugg, our CEO Lorenz Meier and Head of Customer Solutions Gian Darms visited Brazil last week. They gave presentations on automated natural hazard monitoring systems for several mining companies in the Minera Gerais region. The Swiss delegation presented how monitoring systems work and explained processing and transmission of geotechnical measurement data. They also showed a number of accomplished projects from several parts of the world, clearly demonstrating the benefits of monitoring. The audience showed great interest in the latest technologies in natural hazard monitoring and the wide range of applications. The Brazilian mining industry faces similar natural hazards as we do in the Alps, i.e. rock instabilities, debris flows and landslides.

In addition, we visited some of the problem sites in the mining state of Minas Gerais as well as in Rio de Janeiro. Monitoring natural hazards is a cost-effective measure and could significantly improve the safety of the local population and miners in many places in Brazil. The use of suitable monitoring technologies also facilitates the safe operation of a wide range of transport routes and generally reduces closing times.

Presentation on geotechnical monitoring systems to an interested audience in Minas Gerais (above) and visit of a landslide in Rio de Janeiro with representatives of Geobrugg Brazil (below).