Radar solutions presented at Interpraevent 2016

Jun 3, 2016Neuigkeiten

Geopraevent’s radar solutions have been presented at the international congress for natural hazards Interpraevent 2016. The radar-based systems remotely monitor natural hazards over large areas (several km²) independent of weather conditions. The differentiation between alarm and warning systems is essential:

  • A warning system measures precursors of a hazardous event, i.e. the increased glacier flow velocity. Experts interpret the data and initiate appropriate measures. The project Weissmies shows the benefits of a warning system.
  • An alarm system records the event itself. It triggers predefined actions (like closing a road) within seconds and without human intervention. A perfect example is the avalanche radar in Zermatt.

The paper “Radar-based Warning and Alarm Systems for Alpine Mass Movements” and the corresponding poster are available for download. View the complete presentation here.


Wyssen Avalanche Control presents the advantages of Geopraevent’s avalanche radars.