Bondo monitoring one year after the large rock avalanche

Sep 11, 2018News

After the big rock avalanche at Pizzo Cengalo on August 23, 2017 and several subsequent, powerful debris flows, we expanded natural hazard monitoring in Bondo on behalf of the forestry and natural hazards office, canton Grisons. Since September 2017 (see news entry) Pizzo Cengalo is monitored day and night by interferometric georadar and two debris flow detection stations in Val Bondasca automatically detect an event and trigger an alarm in Bondo. After the last major collapse on September 15, 2017, the movements had calmed down. Since the beginning of July though, the radar analyses have again shown movements at Pizzo Cengalo (NZZ in German). But the rock masses are moving slower than they prior to last year’s events. The authorities and a team of experts have been watching the situation closely, and the radar analyses, gauge/weather station data and several webcams provide important information for the prepardness of Bondo and according decision making.

On the anniversary of the 2017 event, Swiss television reported on the situation in Bondo and other endangered rockfall regions in Switzerland. The programme included the explanation of our warning and alarm system in Bondo (from minute 16 onwards).

More about the monitoring system at Pizzo Cengalo here.